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Fort Vale 'Superseat' Valves

To help customers who have applications that perhaps do not merit fully exotic materials, but for which an upgrade from 316 stainless steel would be desirable, Fort Vale had developed a methodology for incorporating a permanent Inconel® seat within all footvalves.

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Fort Vale Appoints New European Sales Director

As part of Fort Vale group strategic planning, we are pleased to announce that from the 1st of January 2019 we are appointing Graham Blanchard as European Sales Director for Fort Vale Engineering Limited.

Graham has been with Fort Vale for 20 years and has a high level of knowledge and expertise in our products and their applications, together with extensive experience in manufacturing, costing, engineering and was instrumental in setting up Fort Vale's Nuclear business. Graham will be liaising closely with the current Sales and Marketing Director, Andrew Bishop, from now until the 1st January 2019 and both will be working with Ian Wilson, Managing Director of Fort Vale Engineering Limited. From 2019, Ian will increase his day-to-day engagement with both Fort Vale's satellite operations and our major global customers.

In the New Year, Andrew will join our associate company, Riggs Autopack to take up the role of General Manager Designate in a planned move to support the leadership succession for our growing subsidiary business.


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New Safeload API Coupler with Enhanced Environmental Design

Fort Vale is pleased to introduce a new API coupler to their Safeload coupler range named "SAFELOAD GREEN". It has been designed to capture Diesel / Gas Oil product loss at truck disconnect and is available in our semi-automatic 6 Bar and 10 Bar range.

The decision to introduce the "SAFELOAD GREEN" has been driven by fuel terminals' requests to improve driver safety e.g. slipping on spilt product whilst loading their vehicle.

Our "SAFELOAD GREEN" API works by capturing any excess diesel fuel lost at disconnect. Excess fuel runs down into the "designed-in" cup within the API casting and is emptied when it is connected to a parking nose. It's a simple design and easy to maintain with little to go wrong and, like all Fort Vale products, is made to last.

It is, however, important that not only is the API coupler on the loading arm performing, but that the adaptor on the truck also meets the API1004 specification and does not retain additional product on its face at disconnect.

This has led us to also introduce a Truck Adaptor Measurement Tool. We have designed this to check the truck adaptors meet the tolerances laid out in the API 1004 specification i.e. alignment of truck adaptor poppet and sealing face +/- 0.38mm.

When used in combination the new API Green and Truck Adaptor tool we believe we can offer a safer solution for the industry.

We look forward to seeing you at Stoc Expo - Stand H11.


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Fort Vale Engineering Limited is the world leader in the precision manufacture of valves and fittings for the transportation of bulk liquids in the tank container, road tanker and rail industries. 

The transportation of gases and liquids by road, rail and sea must be safe and Fort Vale works with the industry and regulatory bodies so that the quality of its design, materials and manufacture ensures that first-class safety is a reality.

The company goal is not only to be the preferred supplier of new OEM equipment but also the premier after-sales  supplier for spares. To this end Fort Vale has offices and stock in the UK, USA, Holland, Singapore, China and Russia, as well as authorised distributors located around the world (see Authorised Distributors tab).

Fort Vale owns self-sufficient manufacturing facilities, having total control over all manufacturing processes from foundry to testing. From initial research and development to the final product, Fort Vale can supply quality equipment, both standard and bespoke to meet with each client’s requirements.

Fort Vale’s standard equipment portfolio includes: manways & hatches, airline valves, safety relief devices, top & bottom discharge valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, dry disconnect couplers and the associated ancillaries and fittings. Fort Vale also manufactures the Safeload 4" API coupler for the safe transfer of fuel at road loading oil terminals. More information about our products can be found under product catalogues.


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