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Our History

Our History

Fort Vale was founded in 1967 by Edward S. Fort, O.B.E., manufacturing parts for the fuel oil delivery industry. In 1972 staff numbered just 13 but in 1975 Fort Vale purchased larger premises in Nelson, Lancashire, UK, and during this time Fort Vale, with an experienced workforce, had developed its product range. These factors, combined with excellent factory and machine tools meant that Fort Vale was in a good position at the start of the tank container market and its exponential growth.

By 2007, the 40th Anniversary of Fort Vale, the company employed 240 people in the UK and had offices all over the world. Five years later the company had grown again to 350 people in the UK which is the number still employed today in 2014. Over the past 47 years Fort Vale has diversified and has other companies within the Fort Vale Group now reaching over 600 personnel in total.

Our Facility

Fort Vale Engineering has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which is truly self-sufficient, having total control over all processes from research and development, design, investment casting, pressing, forging, plasma and laser cutting, to assembly, testing and certification. Multiple in-house test facilities are suitable for the full range of products from impact testing, air and liquid flow tests to high pressure testing for gas valves.

Fort Vale has become synonymous with excellence in engineering and the company takes pride in being at the cutting edge of technology.

Our Business

Fort Vale policies, statements and disclosures can be found here.